There are many ways to enjoy fresh blueberries: It is possible to eat them natural or to mix them in juices or juices, they can be added to get colorful salads, even they can be used to bake delicious pastries!  Berries are the ultimate foodie trend in Europe, but it is a healthy trend!

The taste of blueberries is slightly sour but very refreshing, everyone who eats blueberries falls surrendered to its flavor and juiciness … And, in addition to their special taste, they are known to contain a lot of health benefits, so the number of consumers of blueberries is growing day by day.

But, although most consumers of blueberries have heard that there are many the benefits of fresh blueberry – and it is possible that they know some of the most popular ones, for example,  its positive effects to reduce cholesterol – just a few consumers know everything these berries are doing for their health and well-being every time they take a handful.

What can a fresh blueberry do for your health?

Everyone knows berries are rich in antioxidants. That is good. And it does not end there, because blueberries have vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that give beneficial properties for the body, but: What exactly do all these nutrients that blueberries contain inside help?

These are all the benefits of fresh blueberry:

To start, blueberries help keep the heart in good shape. The antioxidants that contain these berries are an excellent ally for the cardiovascular system and favor the regulation of cholesterol levels. And moreover, thanks to the vitamin K content, blueberries contribute to improve blood circulation.

They are a delicious way to look younger.  Antioxidants are known for their effects on good health and skin shape and, at the same time, delay aging. In short: they help you stay healthy and to look younger!

Its effects on delaying the effects of aging do not remain abroad. Blueberries are great allies for brain health; among other things, they contribute to maintaining a good memory.These same nutrients can also be taken advantage of by children, young people and, in general, by students.

And, to stay young and fit, it is better to maintain a healthy weight. Blueberries can also help you achieve it. One hundred grams of fresh blueberries have less than 60 calories, which makes them a delicious ingredient to add to every recipe: they can even be part of a weight loss diet. Due to its fiber contribution, it improves intestinal transit and helps increase the feeling of satiety, which reinforces its slimming properties.

Do you really look better when you eat fresh berries often? Friends and family see you better, you are going to see it to! A regular consumption of berries has very positive effects on eye health improving vision. In fact, several studies suggest that it reduces the risk of cataracts.

Berries in general are an excellent protector of the urinary system, they allow to prevent and treat urine infections.

Within a fresh blueberry there is a good cocktail of vitamins, among them, it is worth mentioning vitamin C, known to strengthen the immune system, which, in short, helps to keep common diseases away, such as cold or flu.

One of the most interesting benefits of fresh blueberry is that it is very effective in keeping the urinary system and bladder healthy, since they have a cleansing effect of this area of the body. In fact, berries are a common component in many of the treatments for urine infections, but to eat them fresh is nicer and more effective!