We share the commitments
of our partner producers

The values that best represent us



to Workers

A commitment
to workers

Appreciating that the people who work for us are our main asset, we seek a unique and inclusive model. Among other measures, we ensure optimal living conditions for more than 1.200 people in Spain, and more than 600 in Peru, and provide free transportation for more than 5.600 people at our facilities in Morocco.

A commitment
to the Environment

The world is our responsibility and we demonstrate this in the areas where we operate.

Our partners’ main operations are involve daily contact with their natural surroundings and the environment, as they actively seek to minimise any harmful impacts on it and to optimise the use of their resources. Proof of this effort is Hortifrut Chile’s B Corporation Certificate.

A commitment
to society

Taking care of our social surroundings is vital to our business model, which includes a concern with helping people in our communities.

Through specific programs, we strive to contribute to the improvement and development of local communities.

We can highlight the free Internet installation in Peru for more than 4.000 people, and the Que Maestro programme, benefitting more than 60 teachers and over 1.200 students by improving knowledge and teaching techniques. In Chile we collaborate with the Fundación Cultural Virquenco to promote cultural and sports activities and initiatives addressing dental health through the use of a mobile dental clinic, which has benefited more than 2.400 people. In Spain we collaborate with many programs directed at promoting employment and the wellbeing of the community, with more than 550 people benefitting. We are also contributing to improve the situation and opportunities of unemployed people in our surroundings, and cooperating with the integration of sectors of the population at risk of social exclusion.

The world truly matters to us.

Care throughout
the process

At Euroberry we are aware of the importance of maintaining high quality standards in order to offer consumers an unbeatable product.Our Zero Waste programme guarantees environmentally sound, ready-to-eat fruit.
We track our fruit, from the field to the consumer.

Our certificates attest to our quality, and guarantee excellence across our different fields of action.

• Whistleblower Channel

The Hortifrut Group has made this platform available to its employees, suppliers, clients and third parties in general to report any significant deficiency or weakness regarding the design and operation of internal controls or any violation of the Company’s ethical standards and values. This technological platform, online and permanent (24/7) will receive your anonymous or identified complaint, ensuring its absolute confidentiality and privacy.

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