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EUROBERRY was founded in 2003 thanks to the alliance of two major producing companies: Chile’s Hortifrut, on one side of the Atlantic, and Spain’s Atlantic Blue, on the other.

The result is the creation of a large platform designed to lead in the production and distribution of berries in Europe, supplying fruit of the highest quality, without seasonality problems.

Today we are a leading distribution platform in Europe. We boast a high-quality selection, adapted to the needs of our customers at multiple levels, as we prepare our deliveries specifically for each one of them.

We have always been clear about our goal: to furnish all of Europe with delicious berries, year round.

This is why we have become a leading platform capable of meeting the needs of our customers every day of the year, through our strengths:

– Innovative production techniques

– Genetic development programs

– Environmental protection and responsibility

– Traceability across every phase of the process

– A focus on our customers’ needs

– Infrastructure to distribute throughout Europe

Our Partners


Atlantic Blue has been a pioneering company in the production and genetic engineering of blueberries in Spain since 1993. It is currently present on 3 continents.

Its commitment to quality and innovation, and work for the continuous improvement of varieties, adapting to the productive geographies and tastes of consumers in different markets, have given rise to exclusive varieties characterised by their organoleptic quality.

The taste of their blueberries makes them a quality leader at the international level.

Hortifrut S.A. is and has been Chile’s leading company producing berries, leading in the development of the blueberry industry around the world.

Hortifrut’s successful business model is based on global strategic alliances, combining the best berries from the southern and northern hemispheres, on commercial platforms and with its own brand, taking into account both their genetic engineering and the final customer.

Supplying the best customers in the world’s important markets with the full range of berries, 52 weeks a year.

Production and Logistics

We boast an efficient and rapid logistical infrastructure, to distribute the best berries throughout Europe, every week of the year. To this end, our logistical centres in Rotterdam and Venlo (Holland), Kent (United Kingdom) and Almonte (Spain) play essential roles, thanks to their strategic locations.

With optimal logistical services, we connect our multiple production regions with the most important European markets, to offer the best fruit, at the right time, and of the highest quality.

Our philosophy is built around the comprehensive coverage of the needs of our customers and consumers throughout Europe, with commercial offices located in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Euroberry GmbH
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The Fresh Produce Centre
Paddock Wood
Kent, TN12 6UT


If you would like more information, just leave us a message
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