A well balanced diet is the secret to fight any common disease, such as viruses. In addition, there are helpful foods to boost your immune system, such as in winter, time for flu, colds and other viruses.

Foods rich in vitamin C should be included daily in the diet, but especially when it is necessary to boost the immune system. Do you think that orange is the only way to take vitamin C? Actually, there are many other foods that contains more of this vitamin than oranges, a good example are berries.

Simple recipes to boost your immune system with berries

Do you know that you can boost your immune system by eating berries? For example, there are 58 mg. of vitamin C in 100 grams of strawberries, the average requirement of an adult is about 75 mg., so it means that in a bowl of stawberries your are taking the 80% of your daily requirements of vitamin C. Strawberries are the richest berries in vitamin C, but blueberries, blackberries or raspberries also provide interesting amounts of this nutrient.

To eat them fresh is a good way to boost the immune system with berries, but they can also be added to numerous dishes, for example, these simple and delicious recipes that include berries.

Healthy breakfast with blueberries

A nutritious breakfast is a good healthy habit , especially if it includes foods that help strengthen the immune system. A good way to achieve this is through this rich recipe that includes proteins, cereals, berries and honey. A real boost for your defenses!

The necessary ingredients are: ● 120 grams of Greek yogurt ● 30 grams of oats ● 50 grams of raspberries ● A tablespoon of honey This simple recipe is prepared in less than five minutes, since the steps are to mix the yogurt with oats and honey and to arrange for on top the raspberries. Of course, it can also be made with vegetable yogurts.

Orange and blueberry salad

Orange is known for its vitamin C content, which can be increased with other foods, such as blueberries. This recipe also includes spinach, rich in nutrients such as iron, essential to reduce fatigue and to help the organism with the absorption of vitamin C. A light recipe to keep us in shape!

The necessary ingredients are:

● 100 gr. Of fresh spinach

● 100 g. of tender goat cheese

● 1 orange cut into dice

● 50 g. pine nuts

● 100 g. fresh blueberries

And to make it, follow these steps

1.Wash the spinach very well

2.Cut the goat cheese into dice

3.Arrange on each plate a portion of spinach, pine nuts, goat cheese, orange and blueberries

4.Add salt, pepper or oil

Strawberry and banana smoothie

Rich in vitamins C, strawberry provides vitamin E, potassium and folic acid; meanwhile, the banana is rich in potassium and magnesium, and contains several vitamins from group B, which make this smoothie a refreshing treat. Ready to keep viruses at bay!

The necessary ingredients are:

● 150g of strawberries

● 1 ripe banana

● 250 ml. of milk

● 4 ice cubes

To make the banana and strawberry smoothie, follow these steps:

1.Wash the strawberries very well. Remove the leaves and cut them in two. Leave them in the freezer.

2.Peel and cut the banana.

3.Mix the banana, the strawberries and the milk. Add the ice cubes.

4.Beat in the mixer until the desired consistency is obtained.

Cheesecake with blackberry jam coverage

With berries you can make delicious jams; in fact, homemade forest fruit jam is a perfect option to enjoy the benefits of these fruits throughout the year.

The jam can be used in different dishes, for example, a dessert as sweet as the cheesecake, for which the blackberry jam is the perfect topping.

The necessary ingredients are:

● 40 biscuits

● 50 gr. Butter at room temp

● of cream

● Milk

● 50 gr. Sugar

● 1 sachet of curd

● 250 grams of cheese spread

● Topping: Blackberry jam

In its preparation, follow these steps:

1,Crumble the biscuits and mix them with the butter to obtaion a homogeneous paste.

2,Spread the paste in a mold and put in the fridge.

3.Heat the cream, the sugar and the cheese.

4.Mix the milk with the curd. Add to the mixture that is on the fire and mix until the ingredients are completely integrated.

5.Pour the mixture into the mold. Leave in the fridge until serving time.

6.Before serving, add the blackberry jam topping and, if desired, garnish with some fresh berries.

These four simple recipes are four good examples that boosting your immune system is not at odds with enjoying delicious dishes.

Gargi Roy
June 17, 2020

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